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The Maintenance staff, as does the School Board, recognizes that the fixed assets of this Corporation represent a significant investment of this community and their maintenance is of prime concern to both the Board and the Maintenance Department. Maintenance will follow all necessary guidelines for the ongoing maintenance and good order of the physical plant and for the expeditious repair of those conditions which threaten the safety of the occupants or the integrity of the plant.

The Maintenance Department is committed to a continuous program of inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation for the preservation of all school buildings and equipment. Wherever possible and feasible, maintenance shall be preventive.   Contact:  317-996-3720 ext. 5   

Brett Everett - Director of Maintenance & Indoor Air Quality       beverett@m-gsd.org
Shawn Swopes - Maintenance Assistant       sswopes@m-gsd.org

Alec Bemenderfer
Megan Bowling
Teresa Burton
Dale Cummins
Erick Ennis
Lori Eubanks
Tiffany Gwin
Jeremiah Harwell
Mark Kindle
Ben Roberts
Bill Williams
Eli Wright

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