MHS eLearning

An eLearning option will be offered to families for the 2021-2022 school year. Students who chose to participate in the program are expected to actively and consistently complete course activities while communicating frequently with the assigned teacher. While the eLearning curriculum will be limited and cannot mirror or match the full curriculum/experience of in-person instruction, it is led by Monrovia High School teachers and is guided by current Indiana State Standards.


We do maintain attendance for state reporting. Therefore, students are expected to log in each day that MGSD is in session, as we monitor virtual attendance just as we do for in-class instruction.

Students cannot return to an in-person option until the next semester.



Students will have daily assignments for each course as well as a course completion date. Therefore, maintaining an appropriate pace and proactively communicating with the assigned teacher are critical to a successful eLearning experience. We recommended that students establish and follow a daily schedule such as the one below in order to actively and consistently complete course activities:

Course Start Time End Time
English 8:00AM 8:40AM
Math 8:50AM 9:30AM
Social Studies 9:40AM 10:20AM
Science 10:30AM 11:10AM
LUNCH 11:10AM 11:40AM
Elective (if assigned) 11:50AM 12:30PM
Elective (if assigned) 12:40PM 1:20PM
Elective (if assigned) 1:30PM 2:10PM









Virtual learning sessions may be conducted via Google Meet or Zoom. Students are expected to follow the Monroe-Gregg School District Acceptable Use Policy and collaborate in a safe and appropriate manner. Violations may be punishable under the MHS handbook policy.


Our instructors will be available to proctor End of Course Assessments onsite during or after school hours to help ensure that students are being appropriately supported and to help mitigate any technical issues that might arise during those testing experiences. Socially-distanced classrooms are available, and access to a separate entrance and restroom is available during the school day by request. Alternately, students/families may choose proctored End of Course Assessments via Google Meet or Zoom. Students should contact their Mrs. Simpson to schedule their End of Semester Tests.